TEABALLS - Tasting Set ALL IN ONE BUNDLE | 410 - 790 cups

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Teaballs ALL IN ONE tasting set with all Teaballs varieties - Find your taste


1x Teaballs Black Selection Wildberry

1x Teaballs Black Selection Cherry

1x Teaballs Black Selection Hibiscus

1x Teaballs Black Selection Strawberry

1x Teaballs Black Selection BIO Mate

1x Teaballs Black Selection Mint

1x Teaballs Black Selection Earl Grey

1x Teaballs Black Selection green tea


1x Fennel BIO, naturally cloudy (fennel seeds)

1x Sage BIO, naturally cloudy (sage leaves)

1x chamomile BIO, naturally cloudy (chamomile flowers)

1x Mint, naturally cloudy (peppermint leaves)

1x Rooibos BIO, naturally cloudy (Rooibos)

1x Rothenberger herbal mix, naturally cloudy (fennel seeds, sage leaves, chamomile flowers, peppermint leaves, rooibos)

1x Ginger BIO, naturally cloudy (ginger tuber)

1x Ceylon, naturally cloudy (black tea)

1x Sencha BIO, naturally cloudy (green tea)

1x Lemongrass BIO, naturally cloudy (lemongrass)

1x Eucalyptus, naturally cloudy (eucalyptus leaves)

1x Hemp, naturally cloudy (Hemp 2 % CBD)

1x Good Morning Tea, naturally cloudy (green rooibos, ginger pieces, natural flavor, lemon peel, orange peel)

1x Lemon Balm BIO, naturally cloudy (lemon balm)

1x Chai Latte BIO, naturally cloudy (black tea, Assam, cinnamon, ginger, anise, liquorice root, pepper, cardamom, natural aroma)

1x Nettle BIO, naturally cloudy (nettle leaves)

1x Jasmine green tea BIO, naturally cloudy (green tea, jasmine flowers)

1x Lavender BIO, naturally cloudy (lavender flowers)

1x Honey Bush BIO, naturally cloudy (honey bush wheat tips)

1x Echinacea BIO, naturally cloudy (echinacea, lavender blossoms, cubeb peppercorns)


1x dispenser Teaballs - Strawberry

1x dispenser Teaballs - Wildberry

1x dispenser Teaballs - Hibiscus

1x dispenser Teaballs - Mint

1x dispenser Teaballs - Cherry

With our TEABALLS varieties you create your ultimate cold drink for the summer.

So now nothing stands in the way of a summer with countless drink recipes! You can also make milk drinks or cocktails. Kids love Teaballs 💚

In addition, the TEABALLS can also be enjoyed perfectly as a lozenge.

Get the summer directly into your cup and enjoy the new tea innovation in an unprecedented variety.

Still or sparkling water, hot or cold, in a cocktail, for snacking or cooking - with TEABALLS your ideas are limitless. With TEABALLS you create your own tea pleasure in seconds, because they dissolve in a short time - without any infusion time!

The special thing about Naturtrüb is that everything stays in the cup. After dissolving the beads, a sediment is formed that quickly settles, but can also be drunk without hesitation. In this way, all the ingredients are preserved and can develop their full effect.

Whether at home in the kitchen or on the road in your pocket, our TEABALLS can accompany you everywhere.

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Brennwert, 3 kJ / 1 kcal
Fett, 0g
- davon Gesamtfettsäuren, 0g
Kohlenhydrate, 0g
- davon Zucker, 0g
Ballaststoffe, 0g
Eiweiss, 0g
Salz, 0,01g

TEABALLS Tee ohne Beutel oder Sieb
TEABALLS Tee ohne Beutel oder Sieb