TEABALLS Grüne Süsse BIO Süssstoff Stevia Birkenzucker
TEABALLS - "Green Sweetness" Green Stevia/Birch Sugar Sweetener BIO | Natural Cloudy | approx. 240 Teaballs
TEABALLS - "Green Sweetness" Green Stevia/Birch Sugar Sweetener BIO | Natural Cloudy | approx. 240 Teaballs

TEABALLS - "Green Sweetness" Green Stevia/Birch Sugar Sweetener BIO | Natural Cloudy | approx. 240 Teaballs

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100% natural without additives
Only the best from the plant
Enjoy hot
Perfect for the hot tea
2-5 TEABALLS per cup
Dosage according to taste
Without sugar
Absolutely sugar free
Fits in any pocket
50 cups of tea always with you
Anywhere and anytime
Ideal for camping or traveling
BIO certified
Organic cultivation
Absolutely vegan
Fast delivery!
Through Swiss Post

Green Stevia/Birch Sugar Pressed Balls

Try our new purely vegetable sweetener "Green Sweetness - Green Stevia".
For those who prefer their tea a little sweeter, our new "Green Sweetener" provides a wonderfully flavorful and healthy alternative to conventional sweeteners in no time at all. The mixture of green stevia and pure birch sugar not only sweetens your tea, but also your day - because Green Sweetener contains almost no calories! Enjoy TEABALLS Green Sweetness individually according to your taste! Whether hot or cold, at home or on the go.

100 % natural
Only the best from the plant. The special thing about Naturtrüb is that everything stays in the cup. After dissolving the beads, a sediment is formed which quickly settles, but can also be drunk without hesitation. In this way, all the ingredients are preserved and can develop their full effect.

Grüner Stevia/Birkenzucker Naturtrüb
Stevia - also called sweet herb, sweet leaf or honey herb, is THE plant-based alternative sweetener. Originally cultivated in Paraguay, Stevia is also becoming increasingly popular in Germany. In combination with pure birch sugar our "green sweetness" unfolds a sweet bomb - completely without calories and as a purely vegetable product your health will thank you for it. Especially suitable for diabetics!

Add 1 - 2 balls of green stevia to 200ml of tea or any beverage, dissolve, stir, let it settle and you're done! Contents approx. 240 balls. The naturally cloudy natural dregs are drinkable.

Did you know that you can even prepare delicious dishes or drinks with Teaballs? There are no limits to your creativity!

Ingredients: Green Stevia/Birch Sugar

Teaballs are naturally:

  • Vegan
  • Lactose Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Low Calorie
  • Suitable for diabetics

100ml tea* contain on average:

Calorific value

< 0,1g

- of which ges. Fatty acid
< 0,1g

< 0,1g

- thereof sugar
< 0,1g

Dietary fibre
< 0,1g

< 0,1g


* when prepared with four Teaballs with 200 ml water (= 1 cup)

Green Stevia/Birch Sugar