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Only the best from the plant

2-5 TEABALLS per cup

Dosage according to taste

Enjoy hot

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Absolutely sugar free

Fits in any pocket

50 cups of tea always with you

BIO certified

From organic farming

Everywhere and anytime

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Absolutely vegan


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Make your drink an experience and discover how diverse TEABALLS can be for you!

With our tea variety Mate, we travel to South America. Now also available in dispenser form!

Native South Americans prepared mate from the leaves of the mate tree, a holly plant. After the discovery of America, mate came to us - and quickly became a valued hot beverage because of its aroma.
Mate tastes earthy, sweet, somewhat bitter and fresh at the same time. Scientific research has found 250 components in its aroma.

Mate tea is an excellent stimulant. It contains about 80 milligrams of caffeine per cup - which is only slightly less than coffee. However, the caffeine is enhanced in its effect by the ingredients theobromine and theophylline.

Due to the practical packaging, our TEABALLS find a place everywhere.

Whether at home in the kitchen or on the road in your bag, our TEABALLS can accompany you everywhere.

100 % natural




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