TEABALLS - Organic Ginger | pure nature | 30-75 cups

CHF 8.90
CHF 8.90

Try our pure nature variety TEABALLS "Ginger". Enjoy TEABALLS "Ginger" individually according to your taste! Whether hot or cold, at home or on the road.

100% natural
Only the best from the plant. The special thing about pure nature is that everything stays in the cup. After dissolving the beads, a sediment is formed which quickly settles, but can also be drunk without hesitation. In this way, all the ingredients are retained and can develop their full effect.

Ginger pure nature
The fiery ginger tuber unfolds its mildly spicy note as a hot tea infusion, stabilizes the immune system thanks to sufficient vitamin C + B6 and also has a soothing effect on respiratory diseases with its essential oils. Refined with mint, lemon and a cinnamon stick, Teaballs Ginger make a hot, delicious vitamin bomb.

Dissolve 2 - 5 Teaballs in boiling water (approx. 200ml), stir, allow settling, and you're done! From one bottle, you can make about 30 - 75 cups of tea, depending on the dosage. The natural dregs are drinkable.

Did you know that you can even prepare delicious dishes or drinks with Teaballs? There are no limits to your creativity

Ingredients: Ginger Tuber

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Brennwert, 3 kJ / 1 kcal
Fett, 0g
- davon Gesamtfettsäuren, 0g
Kohlenhydrate, 0g
- davon Zucker, 0g
Ballaststoffe, 0g
Eiweiss, 0g
Salz, 0,01g