TEABALLS Holzaufsteller für Spender

TEABALLS - Premium wooden stand for 3 dispensers

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100% natural without additives
Only the best from the plant
2-5 TEABALLS per cup
Dosage according to taste
Without sugar
Absolutely sugar free
Fits in any pocket
50 cups of tea always with you
Anywhere and anytime
Ideal for camping or traveling
Fast delivery!
Through Swiss Post

The practical wooden stand is ideal for the home, office or café. Here 3 of your favourite varieties find their place in dispenser form.
Offer your guests the free choice of tea at any time. Offer only hot or cold water and let the guests decide the taste themselves.

Scope of delivery
1x Teaballs wooden stand for dispenser with laser engraving

Solid beech wood, untreated, finger-jointed & glued (water-based), noble and precisely processed.

Always tidy
Up to three Teaballs dispensers find their place here, whether in the kitchen, on the shelf, in the office, in the bistro - simply everywhere.

Each wooden stand is unique
The wooden stand was specially made for storing the Teaballs dispensers. With a laser engraved TEABALLS lettering. Also an ideal gift idea!

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