TEABALLS - dispenser set | 600 TEABALLS | 150-300 cups

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The practical Teaballs dispenser set is ideal for home, office or café.

Here find all 5 varieties of dispenser form your place. Offer your guests, employees or customers, the free choice of tea at any time.
Offer only hot or cold water and let your guests decide the taste.

Simply dissolve 2-4 beads in hot or cold water (200ml), stir, and you're done! One dispenser is enough for about 30 to 60 cups of tea, depending on the dosage. In total, up to 300 cups of tea can be prepared from this bundle.

This set consists of:

1x dispenser Teaballs - Earl Grey
1x dispenser Teaballs - green tea
1x dispenser Teaballs- hibiscus rose hip
1x dispenser Teaballs - chamomile
1x dispenser Teaballs - mint

Did you know that you can even prepare delicious dishes or drinks with Teaballs? There are no limits to your creativity!
For recipes and inspiration, visit our Facebook or Instagram page.

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Delivered in 1-2 days by Swiss Post

100 % natural without additives

Only the best from the plant

2-5 TEABALLS per cup

Dosage according to taste

Fits in any pocket

50 cups of tea always with you

BIO certified

From organic farming

Without sugar

Absolutely sugar free

Everywhere and anytime

Ideal for traveling or camping

Fast delivery!

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Absolutely vegan