Rhubarb and mint quark

Teaballs Rezepte - Rhabarber-Minze-Quark
Doesn't that sound delicious? The recipe is also very simple and goes very quickly! A dear customer shared it with us and recommends it as a light breakfast or as a small dessert. Have fun trying!

You need:

250 g curd 20%
Juice of 1/2 lemon 5
mortared mint tea balls
5 teaspoons of rhubarb jam.

Mix all the ingredients and put them in small portions in jars.
The amount is 4 servings, each with about 90 calories. Due to the mint Teaballs, the curd tastes very refreshing.

The jam can also be replaced by other jams depending on your taste. So you have fruit taste without having to add sugar. If you want to avoid sugar altogether, you can also add fresh chopped fruit.

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