TEABALLS drinking bottle with 7 days organizer for storage 600ml

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Do you have a hard time drinking enough water through the day?

Do you hate drinking pure water?

Well, now we have a solution!

The water bottle is a sleek and stylish way to make sure you stay hydrated! And it does so with flavor!

Hot or cold, this water bottle will brighten your day!

This 600ml water bottle comes with a built-in 7-day TEABALLS organizer.

Each compartment can hold TEABALLS, so you'll have enough to drink for the entire week.

Made of BPA-free, Tritan and silica gel, this water bottle is safe for everyday use. It's also durable and shock resistant, so you don't have to worry about it breaking or shattering. It is heat resistant up to 85 degrees.

This item ships fresh from production warehouse and has a delivery time of 8 to 16 days.

3 bis 5 TEABALLS auflösen lassen und geniessen


Brennwert, 3 kJ / 1 kcal
Fett, 0g
- davon Gesamtfettsäuren, 0g
Kohlenhydrate, 0g
- davon Zucker, 0g
Ballaststoffe, 0g
Eiweiss, 0g
Salz, 0,01g

TEABALLS Tee ohne Beutel oder Sieb
TEABALLS Tee ohne Beutel oder Sieb